Etro’s Gate is a collaborative, all-inclusive fan project born from the desire to provide Final Fantasy players with in-depth, quality analysis, strategies, and walkthroughs for the games within Square Enix’s Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy series. The brainchild of a small, online community of players with a shared interest in the mechanics and minute details that make each game unique, we of Etro’s Gate possess a global presence, with our founding members scattered across North America, Europe, and Australia.

As fellow gamers, we understand and empathize with the wants and needs of Final Fantasy players all across the world. As our name implies, the mission of Etro’s Gate is to provide everyone with an accessible gateway to every imaginable aspect of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy series, combining the written word and visual media to maximize each and every player’s gaming experience.

Keeping our layout basic and functional is a deliberate choice. More specifically, we have pared down our home page to a simple collection of links and updates to get you jump-started on our content, which we feel will speak for itself. To enhance your enjoyment while playing a Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy game, step through Etro’s Gate to see what lies beyond . . . We hope you enjoy your stay.

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